How to change number format easily

A simply way to apply number formatting is to use shortcut keys.
This tip summarizes the shortcut-key combinations that you can use to apply common number formatting to the selected cells or range.
Number-Formatting Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Combination Formatting Applied

Ctrl+Shift+~      General number format (that is, unformatted values)

Ctrl+Shift+$      Currency format with two decimal places (negative numbers appear in parentheses)

Ctrl+Shift+%     Percentage format, with no decimal places

Ctrl+Shift+^      Scientific notation number format, with two decimal places

Ctrl+Shift+#      Date format with the day, month, and year

[email protected]      Time format with the hour, minute, and AM or PM

Ctrl+Shift+!       Two decimal places, thousands separator, and a hyphen for negative values

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