Creating picture charts

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Excel makes it easy to incorporate a pattern, texture, or graphic file for elements in your chart. E.g., you can create funny burger sales chart for your colleagues.
The picture Chart in Excel 2003

To convert a data series to pictures, follow these steps:

   1.   Start with a column or bar chart (either standard or 3-D).

   2.   Then, select the series and in the popup menu choose Format Data Series... to open dialog box:

popup data series in Excel 2003

   3.   In the Patterns tab click the Fill Effects... button:

Format Data Series in Excel 2003

   4.   In the Fill Effects dialog box, click the Picture tab and then click the Select Picture button to locate the graphics file that you want to use.

Select Picture in Excel 2003

   5.   Click OK to close dialog box.

You'll probably find that you need to play around with the settings to make your graphics work out the way you'd like.

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