Changing a comment shape

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Normally, cell comments are rectangular, but you can give a cell comment any shape you want:
Example of Comment Shape in Excel 2003

To change the shape of a cell comment, add a command to your Drawing toolbar (to show the Drawing toolbar, select View -> Toolbars -> Drawing):

   1.   Select View -> Toolbars -> Customize....

   2.   In the Customize dialog box, on the Commands tab:

Customize toolbars in Excel 2003
  • From the Categories list, select Drawing.
  • From the Commands list, select Change Shape and drag it to your Drawing toolbar.

After performing these steps, your Drawing toolbar has a new Change Shape icon:

Drawing toolbar in Excel 2003

To change the shape of a comment, do the following:

  • Make sure that it is visible (right-click the cell and select Show/Hide Comments).
  • Click the comment's border to select it as a Shape (or, Ctrl-click the comment to select it as a Shape).
  • Click the Change Shape button on the Drawing toolbar and choose a new shape for the comment:
Comment Shape in Excel 2003

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