Calculating the number of days between two dates

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A common type of date calculation determines the number of days between two dates.

For example, you may have a financial worksheet that calculates interest earned on a deposit account. If you sheet contains the open date and the close date for the account, you can calculate the number of days the account was open:

= C2 - B2

Number of days Excel 2003

Excel will automatically format this formula cell as a date, rather than a numeric value. Therefore, your will need to change the number format so the result is displayed as a non-date. If cell B2 contains a more recent date than the date in cell C2, the result will be negative.

Sometimes, calculating the difference between two days is more difficult. For example, you start a trip on July 1 and end the trip on Jily 9. Subtracting July 1 from July 9 produces an answer of eight days:

Number of days Excel 2003

Actually, the trip lasted nine days:

= C2 - B2 + 1

Number of days Excel 2003

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