Adding and removing page breaks

On printing worksheet you might not be satisfied with the current pagination, so you might need to insert or remove manual page break.

To add page break, do the following:

    1.    Select a row or column below or to the right of where you want to insert a horizontal or vertical page break.

    2.    Choose Insert -> Page Break:

Page Break in Excel 2003

To remove a manual page break, do the following:

    1.    Move the cell pointer to the first row beneath (or the first column to the right) of the manual page break.

    2.    Select Insert -> Remove Page Break (This command appears only when you place the cell pointer adjacent to a manual page break):

Remove page break in Excel 2003

To remove all manual page breaks in the worksheet, click the Select All button (or press Ctrl+A) and then choose Insert -> Remove Page Break.

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