Review tracked changes

If Excel is set to display changes on screen, you can use the technique of hovering the mouse pointer over a cell to see the change made. This technique tends to be useful only when you've tracked changes to just a handful of cells.

Excel can maintain and display information about how a worksheet was changed. To turn on the Highlight Changes, do the following:

    1.    On the Review tab, in the Changes group, click the Track Changes button:

Changes in Excel 2007

    2.    In the Track Changes list, choose Hightlight Changes to display the Highlight Changes dialog box:

Highlight Changes in Excel 2007

    3.    Check in the Track changes while editing checkbox and select all checkboxes if you want to see all changes.

To work through the tracked changes in a workbook, follow these steps:

    1.    On the Review tab, in the Changes group, click the Track Changes button and then choose Accept or Reject Changes to display the Select Changes to Accept or Reject dialog box:

Select Changes to Accept or Reject in Excel 2007

    2.    Select or clear the When check box, the Who check box, and the Where check box, as appropriate, and use their options to specify which changes you want to review.

    3.    Click the OK button to close the Select Changes to Accept or Reject dialog box. Excel displays the Accept or Reject Changes dialog box and selects the first cell that contains a change that matches the details you specified:

Accept or Reject Changes in Excel 2007

    4.    Click the Accept button to accept this change or the Reject button to reject this change, and move on to the next change. Alternatively, click the Accept All button to accept all the remaining changes, or click the Reject All button to reject all the remaining changes, without reviewing them further.

    5.    After reviewing the changes, click the Close button to close the Accept or Reject Changes dialog box.

If you set Excel to log the changes on a separate worksheet, display the History worksheet to get an overview of the changes to the workbook in the current editing session.

Changes History in Excel 2007

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