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  • Microsoft<sup>©</sup> Office Word 2007 Step by Step

    Microsoft© Office Word 2007 Step by Step

    by Joyce Cox, Joan Preppernau
    January 2007, 448 pages

    Microsoft Office Word 2007 is a sophisticated word processing program that helps you quickly and efficiently author and format all the business and personal documents you are ever likely to need. read more...
  • Word 2007 Bible

    Word 2007 Bible

    by Herb Tyson
    March 2007, 960 pages

    Microsoft's Word 2007 rewrites the book on word processing and this book helps you soar over the hurdles and quickly brings you up to speed. No matter what level user you are, Microsoft Word MVP Herb Tyson's expert guidance puts you in charge, helping you choose the best way to get your work done, and to get the most out of Word 2007. You'll discover new ways to command legacy features, completely new features to accomplish old tasks, and brand new native capabilities. read more...
  • Word 2003 For Dummies

    Word 2003 For Dummies

    by Dan Gookin
    October 2003, 432 pages

    Want to write great looking documents but can't seem to get a handle on paragraph structuring? Unfamiliar with some of the buttons and functions on your menu bar? Need to add page numbers for a paper but can't find the controls? Word 2003 For Dummies will show you the quick and easy way to navigate through the trickiness of Microsoft Word. This book will be your comprehensive guide to using this word processor like a pro. read more...
  • Microsoft<sup>©</sup> Office Word 2003 Step-by-Step

    Microsoft© Office Word 2003 Step-by-Step

    by Online Training Solutions Inc.
    October 2003, 380 pages

    Experience learning made easy-and quickly teach yourself how to use the word processing power in Word 2003. With Step by Step, you can take just the lessons you need, or work from cover to cover. Either way, you drive the instruction-building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them! read more...
  • Word 2003 Bible

    Word 2003 Bible

    by Brent Heslop (Consultant), David Angell, Peter Kent
    October 2003, 912 pages

    Includes the latest information on security problems in Word and how to prevent them.

    * Offers tips for formatting for black and white versus color printers
    * Explains when to use Word for publishing to the Web and when to depend on FrontPage read more...