Creating other Contacts folders

  • Outlook
  • 2003
  • / 2007
In addition to providing its default Contacts folder, Outlook allows you to use multiple contacts folders to organize your contacts easily.

For example, you might use a shared contacts folder jointly with members of your workgroup for business contacts and keep your personal contacts in a separate folder. Or you might prefer to keep contact information you use infrequently in a separate folder to reduce the clutter in your main Contacts folder.

To create a new folder for storing contacts, follow these steps:

    1.    Choose File -> New -> Folder.... Alternatively, you can right-click the folder list and choose New Folder to open the Create New Folder dialog box:

Create New Folder

    2.    In the Name box, type a name for the folder.

    3.    Select Contact Items in the Folder Contains drop-down list.

Contact Items

    4.    In the Select Where To Place The Folder list, select the location for the new folder.

    5.    Click OK.

When you create a new contacts folder using this method, Outlook sets up the folder using default properties for permissions, rules, description, forms, and views.