2007 Microsoft© Office System Inside Out

by John Pierce (Editor)
April 2007, 1312 pages

Learn everything you need to know for working with the 2007 Microsoft Office system--from the inside out!
This book packs hundreds of time-saving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds for using the 2007 release of Microsoft Office--all in concise, fast-answer format. Whether you are upgrading from Office 97 or Office 2003, you'll be able to dig in to the work-ready resources that help you take your Microsoft Office experience to the next level. This comprehensive guide to the 2007 Microsoft Office suites helps you navigate new features and capabilities in the Office programs you use everyday, including the new, easy-to-use user interface and new formatting and editing capabilities. You'll learn how to use the new graphics features in Microsoft Office Excel© and Microsoft Office PowerPoint©, create a database with Microsoft Office Access, and manage tasks by using Microsoft Office Outlook©. You'll even discover how to use shared workspaces and the Internet to collaborate with others. Plus, you'll get tools, eBooks, and more on the companion CD. With INSIDE OUT, you get all muscle and no fluff!

Key Book Benefits:

- Makes hundreds of tips, tricks, and workarounds easy to find and apply with the award-winning INSIDE OUT format

- Explains how to navigate the new, easy-to-use user interface

- Covers new features in the 2007 Microsoft Office suites

- Includes a companion CD with tools, eBooks, and more

The changes and additions to the 2007 Office release may pose a challenge to even skilled users who have worked with programs such as Excel or PowerPoint for years. 2007 Microsoft Office System Inside Out is intended for people who already have a depth of experience working with Microsoft Windows programs and especially Microsoft Office applications. You might be one of the first people at your company to work with the 2007 Office release, or you may be training others (as you train yourself) how to use it. Software developers and consultants who develop and design solutions with Microsoft Office system programs will find information and insights about how they and other users will work with new features. Anyone who wants a book that features both breadth and depth will find this book to their liking.

A difficult fact to face is that the 2007 Office release is too large to document in a single book. In fact, most of this book was compiled from chapters from books that cover applications such as Access or Excel from top to bottom. Each part of this book, together with the supplementary material you'll find on the book's CD, provides an overview of a program's essential fundamentals as well as chapters that deal with more advanced topics in comprehensive detail.

This book also is written for users who think they've reached the limit of what they can do in Microsoft Office. One of the goals that Microsoft had in designing the 2007 Office release was to make more features-especially more advanced features-easier to find, use, and apply. Menu commands that were tucked away on submenus or on toolbars that weren't always visible are now readily apparent, and what these commands do and the effects they provide are clearly demonstrated to everyone who uses them. Finally, this book is designed for people who want to learn how to make the most of working with Microsoft Office applications together, integrating their features while bringing each application's special purpose to bear on the preparation, analysis, and distribution of documents, presentations, and information.

About the Authors

Jim Boyce has been a freelance author and consultant for almost 20 years. He has authored and coauthored more than 50 books on computer operating systems, hardware, and applications. Jim is a former contributing editor for Windows Magazine and a frequent contributor to Microsoft.com, techrepublic.com, the Office Letter (www.officeletter.com), and other print and online publications.

Jeff Conrad has written and assisted with technical articles about Microsoft Access and created several Access add-ins that are provided freely to the Access community. He has been awarded Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional award for his continual involvement with the online Access community. Jeff is active in the Microsoft-sponsored Access public newsgroups and several other online forums where he is best known as the Access Junkie.

Mark Dodge started using spreadsheet programs in a corporate accounting office in 1985, began working in computer publishing in 1988, and has since written or edited more than two dozen books for Microsoft Press. Mark, an accomplished musician and award-winning photographer, lives with his wife on a beautiful island in Puget Sound, Washington.

Stephanie Krieger is a Microsoft Office System MVP and author of the book Microsoft Office Document Designer. A New York City-based consultant, she has helped many global companies develop enterprise solutions for Microsoft Office and taught numerous professionals and professional software trainers to build great documents by understanding the way that Microsoft Office programs "think."

Mary Millhollon, a certified expert-level Microsoft Office User Specialist in Word, is the owner of Bughouse Productions and a bona fide computer geek. Mary is a freelance writer, editor, Web designer, and Internet expert, working daily (and nightly) with desktop applications and online technologies. Her most recent publication is Easy Web Page Creation (Microsoft Press).

Katherine Murray is the author of many books on technology, with a special emphasis on Microsoft Office. Her most recent book, First Look 2007 Microsoft Office System (Microsoft Press, 2006) is available as a free download on the 2007 Microsoft Office download site. Katherine is the coauthor of Microsoft Office Word 2007 Inside Out and MSN Spaces: Share Your Story. She publishes a blog, called BlogOffice, that offers tips, updates, news, and resources related to a variety of Microsoft Office versions and events.

John Pierce is a freelance writer and editor. He worked as an editor and writer at Microsoft Corporation for nearly 12 years. He is the author of Microsoft Office Access 2003 Inside Track (with Paul Pardi) and the coauthor of Microsoft Small Business Kit and other books about Microsoft software.

Beth Sheresh (CNE) has more than 15 years of computer industry experience, including writing and editing technical books; network administration and consulting; and technical training design, development, and delivery. Beth's books include Understanding Directory Services (two editions) and Microsoft Windows NT Server Administrators Bible-Option Pack Edition. She also contributed chapters to Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Inside Out.

Doug Sheresh (MCSE) is an IT professional with over two decades of experience that encompasses network administration, consulting, technical support management, and managing technical writing projects. His expertise includes all aspects of technical training course development. He was the lead technical writer of the Microsoft Windows 95 Resource Kit and coauthor of Understanding Directory Services, 2nd Edition and Microsoft Windows NT Server Administrators Bible-Option Pack Edition.

Sally Slack is a writer and author with more than 16 years of experience in business and technical writing. She has also been an executive and business transformation communications consultant to IBM, Lenovo International, and State Farm Insurance, and she routinely writes for Microsoft, IBM, Sony, and other companies. She is a regular contributor to a variety of Microsoft Web sites, including Microsoft At Home and Work Essentials.

Craig Stinson, an industry journalist since 1981, was editor of Softalk for the IBM Personal Computer, one of the earliest machine-specific computer magazines. He is the author of more than 20 Microsoft Press books about Microsoft Windows and Excel. Craig lives with his wife and two children in Bloomington, Indiana.

John L. Viescas is the author of Microsoft Office Access 2003 Inside Out and the popular Running Microsoft Access books from Microsoft Press. He is president of Viescas Consulting, Inc., a respected provider of database application design and editorial consulting services. He has been recognized by Microsoft Product Support Services as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) every year since 1993 for his contributions to the community of Access users.