Special Edition Using Microsoft© Office Excel© 2003

by Patrick Blattner
September 2003, 984 pages

Does your life play out in a spreadsheet? Are numbers in columns and rows what make or break you in the work world?
If you answered yes to either of these questions, then Special Edition Using Microsoft© Office Excel© 2003 is the book that will make it all better.
Learn quickly and efficiently from a true Excel master using the tried and true Special Edition Using formula for success. Here, you'll find information that's undocumented elsewhere - even in Microsoft's own Help systems. You'll learn from finely crafted, real-life examples built by an author who lives and dies by the integrity of his spreadsheets.

About the Author

Patrick Blattner has authored Special Edition Using Microsoft Excel 2000, Microsoft Excel 2000 Functions in Practice, and Special Edition Using Microsoft Excel 2002. He has written about Excel in PC Computing Magazine and has spoken about it on Tech TV's live call-in television show "Call for Help."

A member of The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, he spent several years in interactive media development with Disney Interactive in Southern California.

For the last several years he's been working with America Online as part of the AOL products group and resides in Northern Virginia.