Microsoft© Office Excel© 2003 Step-by-step

by Curtis Frye
August 2003, 400 pages

Teach yourself how to use the data-presentation and number-crunching power in the latest version of Microsoft Excelone step at a time! Learn exactly the skills you need for Excel 2003 using easy, self-paced lessons and hands-on practice exercises.
This practical, hands-on tutorial expertly builds your skills with Microsoft Office Excel 2003--one step at a time! With Step By Step, you work at your own pace through easy-to-follow lessons and practice exercises to learn exactly the tools and techniques you need. Master the tools for organizing, processing and presenting data; make data come alive with Microsoft PivotTable and PivotChart dynamic views; use data analysis tools for better decision making; tap external data sources; add hyperlinks; create macros; and help keep data secure as you share--and collaborate on--Excel documents over the Web. The book also helps you prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist exam and makes a great on-the-job desk reference. The companion CD includes practice files you can use as you learn, as well as the Microsoft Office System Reference pack, which contains templates and clip art, an eBook of Step by Step, and four other eBooks: the Microsoft Office System Quick Reference; the Insider's Guide to Microsoft Office OneNote 2003; the Microsoft Computer Dictionary, Fifth Edition; and Introducing the Tablet PC. Designed for beginning and intermediate level users, Step By Step puts you in charge of developing the skills you need, exactly when you need them!

You'll notice some changes as soon as you start Microsoft Excel 2003. The toolbars and menu bar have a new look, and there are some new task panes available on the right side of your screen. But the features that are new or greatly improved in this version of Excel go beyond just changes in appearance. Some changes won't be apparent to you until you start using the program.

To help you quickly identify features that are new or greatly enhanced with this ver- sion, this book uses the icon in the margin whenever new features are discussed or shown. If you want to learn about only the new features of the program, you can skim through the book, completing only those topics that show this icon. The following table lists the new features that you might be interested in, as well as the chapters in which those features are discussed.

About the Author

Curtis Frye is the author of Microsoft Excel Version 2002 Step by Step, Microsoft Excel Version 2002 Plain & Simple, several books on Microsoft Access, and Faster Smarter Home Networking. He has also written three online courses for DigitalThink (Excel 2000: Data Formatting and Customization, Excel 2000: Data Analysis and Dissemination, and Advanced Database Design) and ActiveEducation's Introduction to ASP. Before beginning his writing career in 1995, Curt spent four years with The MITRE Corporation as a defense trade analyst and one year as Director of Sales and Marketing for Digital Gateway Systems, an Internet Service Provider. When not writing Curt is a professional improvisational comedian with ComedySportz.