Excel 2003 Bible

by John Walkenbach
October 2003, 936 pages

Whether you're just discovering Excel or are already a power user, there's no better instructor than "Mr. Spreadsheet," John Walkenbach. From basic formulas, functions, and chart creation to data analysis, custom number formats, data validation, and Excel programming with VBA, this is the comprehensive resource for Excel 2003. No matter what your level of expertise, you'll benefit from hundreds of examples, exercises, tips, techniques, and workarounds, all served with a generous helping of the master's expert advice.
Inside, you'll find complete coverage of Excel 2003

* Learn your way around cells, rows, columns, worksheets, workbooks, and ranges
* Discover how to create charts and diagrams, organize lists, and simplify complex tasks using Excel
* Develop formulas that manipulate text, look up values, and perform financial applications
* Analyze data using external database files and pivot tables
* Perform "what if" analysis, use Goal Seek and Solver, and gain proficiency with the Analysis ToolPak
* Use XML to facilitate data reporting, analysis, importing, and exporting
* Explore conditional formatting, link and consolidate worksheets, and use Excel in a workgroup
* Understand how Excel uses HTML in Internet applications
* Program Excel using VBA, develop UserForms, and create custom add-ins

Bonus CD-ROM and companion Web site!

* Exclusive Office 2003 Super Bible eBook, with more than 500 pages of information about how Microsoft Office components work together
* Bonus shareware, freeware, trial, demo, and evaluation programs that work with or enhance Microsoft Office
* Searchable eBook version of Excel 2003 Bible
* An easy-to-use interface that allows you to browse and install everything on the CD

Author Information:

John Walkenbach is the author of approximately three dozen spreadsheet books. Visit his Web site at http://.j-walk.com.