SilentMail for Outlook

SilentMail for Outlook is designed for stealth email monitoring activities. It can be activated on any computer running Microsoft Outlook and it will automatically send you a copy of every outgoing email, without leaving any option for the email sender to see your email monitoring process.
SilentMail for Outlook

Do you need to monitor every email that leaves your company?

SilentMail for Outlook will send you a copy of every email sent from any of your computers running Microsoft Outlook. Moreover, the sender will not even know it!

Do you find it hard to make your employees to copy you on every email?

Not anymore. SilentMail for Outlook will monitor outgoing emails and it will send you a blind carbon copy (BCC) of every email.

Keep it silent

The email sender will never know that you received a BCC email copy, because SilentMail for Outlook copies the message from the Outbox mail folder, making the monitoring process invisible for the user.

Easily enforce your email policies

With SilentMail, during the installation process you specify the email address where every outgoing email is copied. Once it is installed, there is no user interface for the regular user to alter your monitoring settings.

Be informed and avoid nasty situations

Knowing what's going on within your organization is critical. You will be surprised to find how many important emails are leaving your company and you didn't even know about them...

When you install SilentMail on the monitored computer, during the setup process you have to specify the email address where it will deliver a copy of every sent email. Once installed, no-one can alter your email monitoring preferences.

SilentMail acts as an add-in for Outlook, but it doesn't get listed in the Outlook Add-ins list. Moreover, it doesn't create any Windows Programs group entries and it is not listed in the Add/Remove panel, so the end user can not be alerted by your email monitoring activity.

SilentMail is designed to work on any Windows logon account, no matter if it's a restricted user account or an administrator account. It can also monitor emails on user accounts over domain controller servers.

However, in order to properly run, it must be installed from an administrator account. When installed, it registers for every Windows login account of the monitored computer, so it will also silently perform the email monitoring tasks on restricted or regular Windows user accounts.