Bells & Whistles for Outlook: Energizer Add-in for Outlook

The Bells & Whistles Outlook add-in includes more than 25 different Outlook productivity and workflow features: save time on Outlook email replies; easily track your messages exchange; write your Outlook emails faster; automatically compress files; automatically select the email account; quickly re-edit and re-send email messages; smartly manage your address book; never forget again about adding attachments or message subjects; organize your thoughts and notes; easily manage 3rd party Outlook Add-ins.
Save time and be productive when writing emails

Bells & Whistles for Outlook can greatly enhance your productivity on handling email messages. By using automated text sections to every email reply, this Outlook add-in will save the time you would normally spend on manually typing email reply introductions.

  • Automatically add personalized greetings to emails, so you don't have to type your introductory greetings text over and over again for every outgoing email. So, if you are about to reply to John Smith, your reply message will automatically start with Hi John, or Dear Mr. Smith, depending on your preferences;
  • Automatically insert your signature on every email. If you want to use different signatures for different accounts or contacts, you can easily use the built-in rules system;
  • Create and insert boilerplate text sections on your emails, so you don't have to type repetitive text. For example, if you are working on a support department, you can greatly increase your email productivity by making text templates with the most common answers to support questions and quickly insert the desired template in an email.

Predefine your Outlook email settings

Bells & Whistles for Outlook helps you to boost your email productivity by allowing you to pre-define Outlook email settings that are going to be applied to your outgoing emails, so you don't have to manually do them each time when you are about to send an email:

  • Automatically specify and select the email account that is going to be used for a reply, so you don't have to manually select it;
  • Automatically format your email replies to the HTML or plain text format, no matter the original format of the email to-be-replied. If you like to write your emails using a preferred text font but you are replying to a plain text email, you will not have to manually change the email format to HTML: Bells & Whistles will do it for you;
  • Automatically add email addresses to the CC or BCC sections of outgoing emails, so you stop wasting time typing the same CC or BCC address(es).

Easier email management for increased email productivity

Email productivity is not only about writing emails, but also about managing your mailbox. Bells & Whistles gives you powerful email management productivity features, such as:

  • Add unique tracking IDs to the subject line of outgoing emails, so you can quickly differentiate even between two different email threads that would have the same email subject line;
  • Automatically number the replies sent on each email thread, so you can later easily spot the order of your replies;
  • Add text notes to your Inbox emails. For example, if you want to remind yourself why a given email is important, you can easily add a text note to it: next time when you open the email, the text note will pop-up.
  • In order to increase your email productivity and avoid retyping an already sent email (in case you need to send it again), you can use the innovative Send Again or Edit & Send Again options of Bells & Whistles, available for your Outlook Sent Items folder.
Bells and Whistles Outlook add-in Options

Take the boredom out of your emails and avoid typing repetitive text again and again

Whenever you deal with emails, sooner or later you end up having to deal with repetitive text blocks: the same answers to sales or support email requests, the same signature or disclaimer notice. Using Bells & Whistles for Outlook, you can seriously increase your Outlook productivity and create boilerplate text snippets with the phrases or text sections that you frequently use when writing emails.

  • Easily create and add text or HTML templates to your Outlook emails;
  • Use categories and template names to quickly manage your templates;
  • Assign keyboard shortcuts to your templates so you can instantly insert a template into the email you are composing;
  • Create multiple rich text or HTML email signatures and have them automatically inserted into your emails. Using the rules options, you can setup different signatures for different email accounts or contacts;
  • Free access to over 30 complimentary Bells & Whistles email templates designed to meet your needs for various events, such as birthdays, Christmas, New Years Ave and many more;
  • Optionally, you can specify the email subject, CC or BCC email addresses for each of your templates, so you automatically insert them too when you select the related template.
Bells and Whistles Outlook add-in Insert

Get alerted for missing email subjects and file attachments in Outlook!

Bells & Whistles can save you from a lot of trouble and unpleasant situations, by notifying you with alerts whenever you forget to attach a file or enter an email subject.

  • Get alerted when you forget to add an email subject to an email that you are just about to send;
  • Get alerted when you forget to insert a file attachment although you mentioned it in your email.

Coupled with the other email productivity features of Bells & Whistles, these Outlook alerts are the perfect companion for anyone that is looking to greatly increase the Outlook productivity.

Bells and Whistles Outlook add-in Alert

How to use the Bells & Whistles Alerts for Outlook

First of all, you need to download & install the Bells & Whistles add-in for Outlook. Then, to enable these alerts, open the Bells & Whistles configuration window (from the Outlook Tools menu) and you will see a section called "Alerts". You can choose to enable both the subject and the missing attachment alerts, or you can enable only one of them.

If the missing attachment alert is enabled, then by clicking on the Settings button, you can define custom words that will trigger the missing attachment alert. Whenever you want to send a new email, Bells & Whistles will silently scan the email for missing attachment trigger words and, if one of them is found, it will popup the alarm. Bells & Whistles will always look for these words only on the text section that you composed, so it will skip previous replies or forwards.

Bells and Whistles Outlook add-in Alerts

Bells and Whistles Outlook add-in Alert words

Bells & Whistles is the must-have addon for any Outlook user

Benefiting from years of Outlook programming expertise and real-life feedback received from our users base, Bells & Whistles can easily improve your Outlook experience through its various productivity features:

Bells and Whistles Outlook add-in Other Options
  • Automatically compress files attached to outgoing emails, so you save Outlook space and help the person receiving your email by sending him a smaller file attachment;
  • Automatically add various fields to the emails you are composing, like date / time stamps or a list of attachments that were sent with the email you are replying to;
  • Easily manage all your Outlook add-ins by using the complimentary Outlook Add-ins Utility that is delivered with Bells & Whistles for Outlook;
  • View and manage the extensions list of the email attachment file types that are prevented by Outlook, so you can quickly get access to blocked files;
  • Automatically add to Contacts the email addresses of the people you are replying to.

Bells & Whistles is the must-have Outlook addon for you!

License includes: unlimited lifetime product usage, one year free upgrades, 24/7 free email service support.