Auto Reply Manager for Outlook: automatically send autoreply

Auto Reply Manager allows you to easily define and send auto email replies right from your desktop, notifying your contacts that you are away, confirming incoming email messages, automatically forwarding emails or simply sending custom email templates.
Auto Reply Manager helps you to:
  • Automatically send reply, forward or redirect emails from Outlook;
    Auto Reply Manager for Outlook Add rule
  • Define basic or complex rules to choose when the email auto replies will be activated or not;
    Auto Reply Manager for Outlook Edit rule
  • Choose various settings for the automatic replies, such as the email account from which to send the auto reply, email content, subject, file attachments, importance, etc;
    Auto Reply Manager for Outlook Rule
  • Select to send the auto reply, forward or redirect message as soon as a received email matches your criteria or choose to have a delay before sending the auto email;
  • View a detailed log of all automatic replies sent by our product.
    Auto Reply Manager for Outlook Log

Our product is designed to send user defined email messages directly from Outlook, such as confirmation emails, vacation messages, redirects or out-of-the-office auto-replies. For example, it autoresponds to incoming messages notifying the sender that you are gone for the day and that you will be back later. That is, if Fred sends you an email - he gets a tailored autoreply. If Elmer sends you an email - he gets his own tailored autoreply.

Outlook Auto Reply Manager: Functionality

  • Top 10 reasons for using our email autoresponder;
  • Creating a vacation auto reply message for all incoming emails;
  • Defining an out of office email reply only for certain contacts;
  • Automatic redirect or forward Outlook email messages;
  • Using the software as an Exchange auto reply module;
  • Sending an automated reply using a HTML template;
  • Using the program as an Outlook autoresponder;
  • How to set the auto reply email account;
  • Purchasing and registering Auto Reply Manager.

License includes: unlimited lifetime product usage, one year free upgrades, 24/7 free email service support.